Who are we?


We are Preworking course of year 2019/2021 of ENGIM Artigianelli in Turin at 14 Palestro Ave. We are some young adults with level-one autism or Asperger syndrome and we attend this course to insert ourselves into the working world. We are thirteen students and we are aged between 20 and 36 years old. We are a very mixed and very collaborative class, in fact these arguments dealt with this blog were born of our passions, inspirations and hobbies different between us.

This blog was born in 2014 by Professor Gianni Iacono. That was inherited by Professor Di Pinto who has returned to work on this blog; that had originally been divided in three groups: graphic design, contents and revision and even today it is like that. Each of us chose an argument that they prefer and at the end it was decided to include the subsequent categories: Asperger Universe, Video Games & Comics, Other News, East, Sport and Cooking.

We hope you find our articles interesting and, if you want to, you can post comments.


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